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Harry Potter and the American Stone

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Freedom

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Britain

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Freedom

Harry Potter and the Order of the Eagle

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Patriot

Harry Potter and the Deathly Americans


“You’re American Harry.”



just gonna say this: if someone has social anxiety and they ask you something akin to ‘are you mad at me’ or ‘do you hate me’, it isn’t because they don’t trust you, it’s because their brain literally tells them that all the time

it’s not a personal slight, it’s insecurity caused by mental illness




There’s two types of anger one is dry and the other wet and basically wet anger is when your eyes water and your voice shakes and I hate that cause I feel weak when I’m crying while angry I like dry anger when your face is like stone and your voice is sharp I guess wet anger shows that you care too much and dry anger means you’re done.


i say “fight me” a lot for a girl who is 5”3’ and has a hard time opening some doors because they’re too heavy